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Apprenticeship Business Summit

Apprenticeships are a time-tested method for recruiting and retaining new employees, and equipping them with the company-specific skills they’ll need to succeed in their industry. Capital Area Workforce Development Board and NCWorks are hosting an Apprenticeship Summit for local businesses and organizations to learn more about this exciting way to train a new workforce. An apprenticeship is a lucrative way for workers to learn new skills, adapt to a new company environment, and make money. Recruited employees spend an average of 2,000 hours training on the job, and 144 hours of classroom based instruction per year, with an “earn as you learn” pay scale. This event is designed for employers and business partners instead of stakeholders. If your business colleagues need help enhancing their talent pipeline, apprenticeships are effective in training for all industries. Work-based learning, such as internships, co-ops and apprenticeships, have proven to be beneficial for both employers and employees, as recruits are able to learn the skills needed to thrive within a specific company, organization, and industry.

Apprenticeship programs have proven economic results for employers and businesses across the world. Apprenticeships have a well-established history of success in Europe. A typical apprenticeship in England is estimated to raise an employer’s economic output by about $366 per week. A Swiss study found that employers in their country earn a net $300 million each year from the work apprentices do while training on the job. They are even proven to be effective in North America. A 2009 Canadian study found that, for every $1 Canadian businesses invested in apprenticeship programs, they could expect to receive $1.47 back.

This is a free event that will feature a panel of businesses to demonstrate how an apprenticeship program will help a company customize employees’ skills and training so as to best fit an organization, boost retention rates of employees, and make a positive return on investment for apprentices hired. Additional incentives for utilizing an apprenticeship program include saving money on overall wages and building a network of employees to fulfill labor demands. Join the discussion on work-based learning, and register today. This event will be held at the Embassy Suites in Cary on May 18.

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Cisco Lunch & Learn

Educational Data Systems Incorporated (EDSI) hosted a Lunch & Learn with Cisco for the Capital Area Youth program in Raleigh. EDSI is a national workforce development consulting company. Their Wake County office provides academic and career services to local youth, in and out of school, aged 16 to 24.

Twenty-eight young adults attended the event to learn more about potential careers in technology and beyond. Employees from Cisco discussed the different career pathways available and the interests that brought them to this field. The young adults were then able to ask their own questions of the panel. Some of the subjects they touched on included education, company culture, and the “spark” that helps an employee find fulfillment in their work.

Lunch was provided to  participants by Cisco. EDSI plans to run this panel every quarter at the youth center, with a “Day at Cisco” Youth Summit to be scheduled in early Summer.
Cisco staff & kid standing in lobby