Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of the chairman, vice chairman, secretary (from a sector other than private), chairs of board committees and the previous chair or vice chair.

Key duties for the Executive Committee consist of the following:

--Act, as needed between Board meetings, on the Board's behalf
--Make member assignments to committees
--Primarily responsible for the development and review of the CAWDB strategic plan
--Approve committee project budgets
--Serve as Liaison with National and N.C. Association of Workforce Boards and elected officials
--Analyze and make recommendations on state and national legislation
--Provide orientations for new members
--Recruit business leaders to serve on CAWDB

Committee Chair:
 Susan Jackson

Committee Members: Bruce Clarke, Anthony Caison, Pat Sturdivant, and Task Force chairs

Staff Support: Sharon Taybron


Communications Task Force

Strategic ObjectiveDevelop a concise and clear message of who we are and what we do, both overall and for targeted audiences and channels

This task force is responsible for:

--Identifying and evaluating past activities to build on, as well as addressing gaps for improvement
--Leveraging internal and external partners
--Increasing the volume of communications on all channels, using metrics where available

 Stephen Miller

Members: Valerie Sachariat, Ross yeager, Stephanie Vinson, Heidi Kimbel, Mark Jewel, Jonathan Williams

Staff Support:  Brenda Wilkerson and Stephen Barrington


Symbiotic Relationships Task Force

Strategic Objective: Develop symbiotic relationships and strengthen role as a convener

This task force is responsible for:

--Evaluating and strengthening current partnerships
--Identifying and developing new partnerships
--Evaluating and strengthening current relationships with businesses
--Identifying and developing relationships with new businesses

Deborah Bolin

Members: Joy Frankoff, Scott Hadley, Brian Holland, Chet Mottershead, Cindy Waite, Anthony Caison

Staff Support: Jane Sterner and Jessica Locklear-McLeod


Unifying Goal Task Force

Strategic Objective: To develop a shared, community-wide agenda supporting the area's future workforce needs

This task is responsible for improving opportunities for youth and young adults and is considering a focus on:

  • Disabled Youth
  • Apprenticeships
  • Transportation
  • Vulnerable Communities
  • Parents as mentors
  • Adolescent parenting
  • Early childhood education
  • Career awareness

 Lydia Walton

Members:  Bruce Clarke, Tom White, Tony Marshall, Tony Swift, Joy Callahan, Howard Manning, Susan Jackson

Staff Support:  Eric Breit





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