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Director to Tackle Women’s Employment Issues

Pat Sturdivant, Executive Director for the Capital Area Workforce Development Board, has been appointed to serve on the Wake County Task Force on Employment and Wage Issues for Women. The task force was formed by the Wake County Board of Commissioners after the Wake County Commission for Women published the State of Employment for Women Report  this past February.

Research in the report reveals that in 2014, although education levels were the same, the median earnings for women over the age of 25 was $34,809, whereas men in the same category earned $50,137. The disparity becomes more pronounced as the education level of women increases. Women with less than a high school diploma earn approximately 67%  of what their male counterparts earn (an income difference of about $6,000/yr), while women with graduate degrees earn approximately 56% of what their male counterparts earn (an income difference of approximately $56,000/yr).

“I’m excited about the work of this task force.  Capital Area has been involved with several projects over the years to help smaller, special populations find employment, such as people with disabilities and ex-offenders. But women make up 50% of our workforce. If we can improve wages and other career obstacles they face, the economic impact to their household and the county could be quite substantial,” said Pat Sturdivant.