Annual Kick-off Event!

CAWD holds a kick-off event for career center staff and contractors at the beginning of each fiscal year. We want to provide the right conditions for everyone to give of their best each day so that they contribute to the organizations success with an enhanced sense of their own value and well-being.  Typically, there is a theme selected by the staff to encourage buy-in and participation, while CAWD’s One-Stop team develops the agenda and supporting activities.

This year’s event stresses policy, pathways, and performance!  Full understanding, acknowledgement, and enforcement of policies and processes not only  support the integrated service model, but put customers in the best possible position to receive what they need, when they need it.

Part of CAWD’s career pathways work involves education and professional development for front-line staff for the purpose of helping them to better inform customers about career choices. For example, time and money can be wasted on certifications that are of little to no value to employers. If staff know which cert’s are desirable for which positions, they can lead the customer in the right direction and increase the individual’s marketability.

In the end, we want to impact performance. Team members that are fully absorbed in and enthusiastic about their work  are more likely to do what it takes to further the organization’s goals and those of customers.