Business Outreach and Support

WARN notices filed with the state as of April 8th reflect 825 workers have been affected by layoffs or business closures in Wake county. The majority of those, based on the type of business, were likely due to COVID-19. (No Johnston county businesses were listed.)

This number is actually far greater since many businesses aren’t required to file a notice. However, additional businesses have been identified by the business engagement team as at-risk or already taking steps to layoff. Outreach is underway to provide support, including online Rapid Response sessions to share resources and information with employees.

Business that are still hiring despite the current climate continue to be supported, including Bland Landscaping, AAFlanders, and Amazon. The career center hosted five information sessions for Amazon that were attended by over 300 job seekers. There were also four new hire orientations that resulted in 117 placements (pending drug screen and background check).

The Amazon team expressed a desire to strengthen their partnership with the career center which is what we want to hear from all businesses!