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There’s More to Career Readiness Than A Good Resume

Essma Boucteb graduated from UNC-G with a degree in Communications Studies. She looked for jobs in many different areas and got little to no response from her efforts.  Searching for solutions online, she came across NCWorks and the Backpacks-to-Briefcases  (B2B) program. It was appealing because it was for young people just like her; recent graduates who were running into the same roadblocks as she faced.

It was difficult for Essma to demonstrate her skills to recruiters and hiring managers.  Limited work experience and an inability to gain any type of specialized work experience made it challenging for her to be considered a worthy candidate. Through the career readiness courses offered by the program, she learned many skills such as how to write an effective resume and how to tailor applications to a specific employer. Luckily, she was able to get an interview as she was completing the Backpacks to Briefcases courses and the firm happened to attend a B2B networking event!

This gave her the opportunity to market herself in person. After the event, the hiring process quickly accelerated…in Essma’s favor! She received an offer from Personify, a recruiting firm, where she was hired as a Talent Management Executive/Phase 1 Recruiter. #ncworksworks!


Get Out of Dead End Jobs!

NCWorks exists to help everyone – regardless of education level or where they are on the career ladder.  And in today’s competitive job market, college grads have it just as hard as everyone else. Stephanie is one such recent grad who wasn’t having success in her attempts to find find full-time employment. As a result, she was working 2 part-time jobs, neither of which was related to her video production major.

One way to employment, if all goes well, is through an internship.  Stephanie’s search for one in her field ended with 40 rejections. Then she heard about NCWorks NextGen’s Backpacks-to-Briefcases program which specializes in getting recent grads into the workforce. NextGen got her an internship at Uptone Pictures and now she’s a full-time video editor at UNC-TV! Congratulations, Stephanie! #ncworksworks!