Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of the chairman, vice chairman, secretary (from a sector other than private) and the previous chair or vice chair.

Key duties of the Executive Committee consist of the following:

--Act, as needed between Board meetings, on the Board's behalf
--Make member assignments to committees
--Primarily responsible for the development and review of the CAWDB strategic plan
--Approve committee project budgets
--Serve as Liaison with National and N.C. Association of Workforce Boards and elected officials
--Analyze and make recommendations on state and national legislation
--Provide orientations for new members
--Recruit business leaders to serve on CAWDB

  Brian Holland

Members: Rodney Carson, Tom White, and Pat Sturdivant

Staff Support: Crystal Waters

Customer Success Committee

Strategic Goal: Assist the untapped workforce in gaining the skills, competencies and credentials required for in-demand family-supporting careers.

This committee is responsible for:

  • --Establishing a service delivery matrix for the untapped workforce population.
  • --Design and pilot promising practices targeting the untapped workforce population.
  • --Implement service strategies targeting the untapped workforce population.

  Howard Manning

Members: Deborah Bolin, Tony Marshall,  Glenda Underwood, Cindy Waite, Chip Wood, and Ross Yeager

Staff Support:  Jane Sterner and Malinda Todd

Outreach Committee

Strategic Goal: Increase brand awareness with our stakeholders.

This committee is responsible for:

  •  --Educating and informing local, state, and federal elected officials on the workforce development system's purpose, services and needs.
  •  --Promoting awareness of CAWD's purpose and services to businesses.
  •  --Creating a mission ambassador program of individuals who value workforce development and help spread the word.

  Jerilyn Meckler

Members: Rob Axford, Brian Holland, and Rodney Carson

Staff Support: Brenda Wilkerson

Sector Strategies

Strategic Goal: Align in-demand sector initiatives with the workforce system and economic development needs.

This committee is responsible for:

  • --Establishing  industry advisory groups that will serve as subject matter experts on evolving and critical workforce needs for our region's high growth in-demand sectors.
  • --Identifying existing industry led workforce initiatives and uniting to increase knowledge and aligning partner initiatives.
  • --Initiating and formalizing a coordinated and collaborative partner network that is responsive to the needs of business and industry.

  Melissa Short

Members:   Joy Callahan, Craig Hagood, Michael Haley, Nicole Jarvis Miller, Prem Ranganath, and Jonathan Williams

Staff Support:  Kimberly Wheeler

Youth Advisory Councils




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