Enhancing Partner Relationships

symbioticCapital Area’s board members created three new task forces to concentrate on areas deemed vital to the success of our work – Strategic Communications, Unifying Goal, and Symbiotic Relationships.  Symbiotic relationships are those where both entities benefit mutually from the relationship.  Because workforce development is such a collaborative endeavor, CAWD is taking steps to understand how our partners feel about working with us, and how we can improve.

A survey was sent to over 100 organizations with whom we currently work, or have worked with in the past. Each was asked to answer questions to help us evaluate our current standing. They also provided suggestions for improving the relationship, such as more communication about board activities.

A new survey will be sent to clarify and expand on what we learned from the first survey. If you did not participate, but want to be included in a follow-up survey, please send an email to CAWD@wakegov.com.