IBM Selects CAWD for Project Re-Ignite

CAWD was one of 10 organizations in the nation selected by IBM as a partner for their Re-Ignite initiative. The goal of Re-Ignite is to minimize the impacts of the pandemic by speeding up the recovery of local workforces, communities and economies. We were selected because we have a firm grasp off the region’s workforce/economic development ecosystem and have an existing focus on vulnerable communities.

One element of Re-Ignite is SkillsBuild, a platform IBM created to equip job seekers with professional skills needed in a digital world. In addition to technical training, there are modules to acquaints users with new ways of working such as Agile and Design Thinking. It also introduces them to new technologies such as AI and Blockchain.  As a service to businesses, companies can receive individualized support to address key business challenges, opportunities and strategies for development of re-launch plans, and much more.

CAWD plans to incorporate IBM’s SkillsBuild platform into service offerings at the career centers for customers enrolled in WIOA programs, and those who are not. This partnership has the ability to produce a long-lasting impact on workers and businesses in the Triangle.