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Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Workshop date: February 23rd – If you’re considering becoming a small business owner, you’ll want to attend this class to learn what it takes, what challenges and pitfalls you can expect, and what proven steps you can take to greatly increase your chance of success. In this course, you’ll explore how to test the feasibility of your idea to ensure it’s the RIGHT one. You’ll find tips for researching the market and your competitors, securing needed funds, and projecting your business results. Various legal business entities will be defined, and you’ll learn about resources that can help you with licenses, permits, and other registrations needed for your business. And hopefully, you’ll leave confident that you’re well positioned to take those critical first steps toward entrepreneurship.

How to Get the Success You Want (Day 1)

Workshop date: February 21st –  It has been said that “your dream determines your goals, your goals map out your actions, and your actions create results.” Create your own road map to success – enjoy the journey because you know where you’re going! This course will help you identify the skills you need to make transitions from school to work or to additional education. Using simulation activities, you’ll learn practical tools for taking charge of your future in an ever-changing employment market; using a variety of self-assessment tools, you’ll learn about yourself and how to overcome obstacles and embrace change.