Training-to-Work Reentry and Construction

The Training-to-Work Reentry Initiative  is successfully placing ex-offenders in construction-related training and jobs.

Data shows that reentrants employed two months after re-entry are about half as likely to recidivate as those who are unemployed. And among the employed, those earning more than $10 per hour are half as likely.

Being able to place participants in construction jobs where average wages are well in excess of $10 per hour will permit them to successfully sustain a household and ease the transition back into the mainstream community. Potential median earnings for those that stay in the construction industry are $19.66/hour for Wake County and $17.20 for Johnston.

Training-to-Work ends in September. Below are outcomes to date.

• 44 have entered employment
• 55 have entered occupational training
• 60 have earned industry credentials