Meet the special committees created for unique workforce-related purposes.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of the chairman, vice chairman, secretary (from a sector other than private) and the previous chair or vice chair.

Key duties of the Executive Committee consist of the following:

  • Act, as needed, between Board meetings, on the Board’s behalf
  • Make member assignments to committees
  • Primarily responsible for the development and review of the CAWDB strategic plan
  • Approve committee project budgets
  • Serve as Liaison with National and N.C. Association of Workforce Boards and elected officials
  • Analyze and make recommendations on state and national legislation
  • Provide orientations for new members
  • Recruit business leaders to serve on CAWDB

Chair: Brian Holland

Members: Rodney Carson, Tom White and Pat Sturdivant

Staff Support: Crystal Waters

Customer Success Committee

Committee Goal: To provide marginalized and underserved individuals enhanced access and support to secure competencies and credentials required for in-demand careers supporting economic mobility.


1. Identify marginalized and underserved target populations for support.

2. Identify in-demand careers offering target population job seekers economic mobility by March 2023.

3. Benchmark practices that successfully serve targeted communities by June 2023.

4. Identify and engage receptive employers who will hire qualified (possess competencies/credentialed) target population job seekers.


Chair: Glenda Underwood

Members: Tamika Walker Kelly, Gail McDougal, Jill Straight, Sarah Stone, Patrick Townsend, Ross Yeager

Staff Support: Malinda Todd

Branding & Outreach Committee

Committee Goal: Demonstrate the value, services, and outcomes that CAWD provides to employers, jobseekers, influencers, and community partners.


  1. Convey the impact of workforce development on emerging issues related to talent and the labor market by 2025.
  2. Increase word-of-mouth sharing and personalize the work of CAWD and NCWorks by 2025.
  3. Utilize community partners as a referral source for information to job seekers or special groups such as  underserved/marginalized by 2025.


Chair: Jerilyn Meckler

Members: Rob Axford, Chanda Armstrong, Rodney Carson, Brian Holland, Harold Keen, Vic McCormick, Courtney Holcomb, Craig Sullivan

Staff Support: Brenda Wilkerson

Employer Engagement

Committee Goal: Deepen the relationship with employers at the local level and establish CAWD as a thought partner.


1. Identify employer needs

2. Activate employer relationships.

3. Address needs with partnership and solutions and sharing best practices.

Chair: Melissa Short

Members: Mark Bertoncino, Michael Haley, Nicole Jarvis Miller, David Palumbo, Jerry Pedley, Danielle Sardo, Tom White

Staff Support: Barbara Brothers

Youth Advisory Councils

Special youth-focused councils work to improve outcomes for young people 14-24 years of age.

Wake County

Michael Ballen
Raleigh Police Department
Community Police Liaison
Paul Brown
Youth Thrive
Director of Operations
Patricia Cardoso
Haven House Services
Chief Operating Officer
Michael Ellis
Wake Technical Community College
Dean of College and Career Readiness
Joy Frankoff
Wake County Public School System
School to Career Coordinator
Orphaleta Lemon-Rouse
Department of Public Safety
Court Counselor Supervisor
Antonia Pedroza
Wake County Human Services
Deputy Director WCHS Social Services
Danya Perry
Wake County Economic Development
Equitable Economic Development Director
Alicia Price
NextGen Career Center - Wake County
Youth Program Manager
Ross Yeager
Wake County Human Services, Northern Regional Center
Northern Regional Center Director

Johnston County

Deborah Bolin
Executive Director
Johnston County Youth Services
Myra Burrell
Partnership for Children
Data and Contracts Manager
Joy Callahan
Johnston Community College
AVP & Adv. Tech Workforce Development
Janet Davis
Unit Manager
Kelly Davis
JC DSS (Links/Foster)
Links Coordinator
Taylor Kirks
NextGen Career Center
Senior Manage, Youth & Transition Services
Suzanne Lujan
Johnston County Public Schools
Executive Director for Career & College Readiness
Charlene Meyers
JC Mental Health + Alliance
Criminal Justice Specialist CIT Coordinator
Nathalia Parrish
JC DSS (Adult Parenting Program)
APP Supervisor
Greg Pecy
Benson Police Department
Douglas Sorrell
Juvenile Justice
Juvenile County Counselor