Business Ambassadors

Help spread the word about CAWD and workforce resources for businesses like yours.
Business Ambassadors

Your voice carries weight.

CAWD’s objective is straightforward: to help companies build and maintain a workforce that will drive profitability and long-term success. We are committed to helping every business in every industry, but we can’t do it alone.

Enter our Ambassadors. As a business professional yourself, you can play an essential role in helping us create awareness about workforce services, deliver informational content to business audiences, and help businesses overcome their workforce challenges.

Some Ways Ambassadors Can Help

Be a Message Multiplier

The resources we have are valuable and your voice carries weight. Get other businesses as excited as you are about them!

Tell Your Story

The struggle to find and keep talent is universal. Be open to sharing how CAWD or NCWorks impacted your business! Share a social media post, be a panelist, or write an article. There are possibilities galore!

Provide Feedback

What are you seeing and hearing in your business circles? Are there unique things happening in your industry that affect the talent pool? This is valuable information!

What Does an Ambassador Look Like?

Put simply, we want Ambassadors that are super into workforce development and don’t mind talking about it.

We want Ambassadors to be familiar with CAWD and NCWorks business services regardless of your role within your organization. Whether you’re the owner, HR leader, or production manager, if you’re engaged in developing people or strategizing around workforce development, you’d be a great fit!

We’re in it for the long run, and we hope our Ambassadors will be, too. This doesn’t mean we’ll be putting loads on your plate because we know you’re busy. A two-way partnership is all we’re asking for.

What’s in it for you? You and your business will be highlighted on the Current Ambassador page. We’ll send you some ambassador “swag” that reflects your ambassador status. Also, you will receive exclusive invitations to CAWD-hosted special events for businesses and partners.


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