Jerry Pedley

There is a relatively small segment of leaders in the business world; individuals who seem able to build relationships, trust, and rapport with almost anyone, and then able to broker the relationships and make connections between people, creating partnerships and alliances, and motivation of forward momentum to get things done.

Jerry Pedley is one of those people, and getting things done and driving results–through collaboration, partnerships, relationships, and example–as a senior manager in the automation industry, it is what he is all about. With an enthusiastic and genuinely friendly attitude, Jerry radiates a sincere passion for delivering value and benefits to his customers.

Jerry is the President of Mertek Solutions a company that designs and builds custom assembly and test equipment. Mertek employs 40 persons in Sanford, NC.

Jerry lives in Sanford with his wife Donna. They have two children Jeremy and Jennifer, 5 grandsons, and one great-grandson. They also have foster grandchildren and great-grandchildren. When not working they enjoy working around their log home and spending time at their home away in North Myrtle Beach and Cape Coral, Florida.