Jill Straight

Jill Straight is the Director of Client Services at Dorcas Ministries, a nonprofit human services agency in Cary, North Carolina.   Jill oversees the delivery of crisis services, including a robust food pantry, workforce development programs in IT, healthcare, and biotech, as well as a compassionate whole-person focused case management program. Jill is known for her strategic thinking and ability to form creative partnerships.

Prior to joining Dorcas in 2008, Jill worked in higher and adult education program management in the US and the Middle East. She considers herself a Duke Divinity School program junkie where she completed certificates in Non-Profit Management and Christian Leadership. Jill holds a Master’s in Teaching Foreign Languages from West Virginia University. During the pandemic, she completed her Master Naturalist certification to better inform her love for the outdoors.

She lives in Cary with her family, which includes Biscuit the cockapoo, her devoted companion in hiking, birding, and bug-catching.