No matter the size, location, or the industry, there is one thing all employers have in common: the success of the organization depends on the skill and productivity of its workforce. How do you ensure your organization can remain strong? How do you retain well-skilled employees over the long term? How do you even find them?

The Capital Area NCWorks’ Business Services Team provides talent management strategies and solutions to meet your specific needs! We are able to provide these solutions at little to no cost to your business here in Capital Area.

Our solutions can help you address:

  • Reopening  Safely:  Reopen Wake is a 2-module online training to educate employees on what they need to know about COVID-19 and how to operate safely. More information is here.
  • Skills gaps: Access training resources for your employees that offer on-the-job instruction as well as off-site classes at local colleges and other training avenues to help you retain a vital and talented workforce
  • Staffing challenges: We recruit, screen, and provide you with qualified applicants so that you can quickly fill critical openings with the right people
  • Connection to workforce data: We can provide the latest labor market information, along with local wage and salary data, helping you remain competitive and poised for growth in our marketplace
  • Outplacement needs: We offer a myriad of outplacement services to assist you in finding other employment for your workers should the need arise

Get started with these great options:


NCWorks Online is North Carolina’s official job search website where employers can search for candidates based on skills, work experience, veteran status, and any other criteria you set. Post listings in the Job Order System and review candidates that have expressed interest in your job. You can even set searches to run automatically at times you designate using the Virtual Recruiter.

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Our Team plays a critical role in convening the right leaders around workforce issues in specific industries. Members represent major employers, industry groups and associations, education, economic development, service organizations, and others. The business voice is the most powerful and necessary when it comes to determining where educators and government should focus their resources.

Currently, we’re concentrating on these industries and occupations:  Information Technology and Construction/Skilled Trades.

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Businesses looking to upgrade the skills of their current workforce can apply for funding through CATALYST 20/20.  The program offers up to $10,000 per project and has a higher degree of flexibility than what we've offered in the past. For an application and guidelines, send a request to or




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