Capital Area Workforce Development (CAWD) and partner workforce boards split $7.2 million to provide career and reentry services to inmates at Butner Federal Correctional Complex. CAWD received $3.2M for its share of a regional reentry grant known as NC PROWD or Partners for Reentry in Workforce Development.  Kerr-Tar Workforce Development Board received $2.3M and Durham Workforce Development Board received $1.7M. This is a regional initiative that will serve individuals returning to Chatham, Durham, Franklin, Granville, Johnston, Lee, Orange, Person, Vance, Warren, and Wake counties. The boards seek to serve 375 individuals.

NC PROWD aims to reduce recidivism by bringing the region’s employers, educators and community service organizations together to increase the work readiness of federally incarcerated individuals at the time of release.

“Our experience serving justice-involved men and women has increased tremendously over the last four years. Managing the Wake Local Reentry Council and other reentry initiatives like Roads to Reentry has made us acutely aware of this population’s needs when it comes to employment and long-term success. NC PROWD will be an incredible collaborative effort and it’s the first time we’ll be able to help those who are exiting a federal facility,” said Pat Sturdivant, CAWD Executive Director.

NC PROWD will provide participants with

  • case management that includes individual career plans, stipends, transportation assistance, and legal services,
  • education programs for limited English proficiency, basic skills and remedial education, and preparation for high school equivalency tests,
  • training that leads to industry-recognized credentials,
  • paid and unpaid work experience, help with work-related issues, higher-paying jobs, and
  • follow-up services after exiting the program to track progress.

The grant was awarded by the US Department of Labor through the Division of Workforce Solutions at the NC Department of Commerce. The boards will begin enrolling participants in NC PROWD mid-year.


About Capital Area Workforce Development Board

CAWD is a public-private partnership and 501(c)3 funded by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) of 2014. Through collaborations with business, government, education and others, the organization has developed state and nationally-recognized workforce programs, connected businesses to workforce resources, the education system, and helped thousands to gain employment. CAWD serves Wake, Johnston, Chatham, and Lee counties.