CAWD Wins Angel of Hope Award for Reentry Leadership

CAWD’s reentry team and staff accepted Interfaith Prison Ministry for Women’s (IPMW) Angel of Hope Award for our leadership as the intermediary agency for the Wake Local Reentry Council.    As intermediary, the team facilitate communication and coordination of resources between the member organizations of the council who together help women (and men) transition back to the #community and workplace. This is no small feat.

Many leave prison with nothing but the clothes on their back, yet are expected to reintegrate into society and become productive citizens. Getting a job, a place to live, and a car seem like easy tasks to accomplish, but not for this population. Reentry organizations like IPMW and Wake LRC strive to provide access to these necessities, and more, to give individuals a fighting chance at success.

A big thanks to IPMW for this honor!