Johnston’s Vulnerable vs. MOST Vulnerable Community

CAWD took a deeper dive into the region’s vulnerable communities. The question was are we serving the pockets within these communities with the greatest need? Once the pockets were identified, we sought verification and agreement from community partners and other organizations that operate in those areas. In Johnston, we concluded that Selma needs our attention.

The poverty level in Selma is estimated to be 19%. The percent of children living under the poverty level exceeds 30-40% by most estimates. Our goal is to close service gaps in Selma so that residents have better access workforce and education services.

Recent developments include:

• Establishing a new partnership with the Selma library where NCWorks can have dedicated space to deliver services
• Working alongside JCC at the library where they may possibly deliver HRD classes
• A renewed partnership with Johnston Social Services to reach those currently receiving economic assistance
• Partnering with Town of Selma to advertise NCWorks services through their newsletter to utility customers

Johnston is growing and lives can change when people qualify for good-paying jobs that lead to life sustaining careers.