Capital Area Workforce Development (CAWD) provides workforce development solutions to help all businesses with talent needs. Wake County hotels and the hospitality industry are facing a massive worker shortage and unfortunately, data shows that over the next 5 years, the problem is not likely to improve to pre-covid levels. Not having enough workers has many reducing services and occupation rates which in turn leads to lost revenue. We know that the industry is increasing wages with less revenue but hiring is not keeping up with separations.

To support the hotel industry in Wake, CAWD is initiating a support solution geared to help hotels with the following: 1) recruit candidates, 2) prepare current workers for new roles, and 3) mitigate hiring and training costs. It puts job seekers and working individuals on a path that leads to upward mobility and provides the resources necessary to do so.

Even though the positions have distinct responsibilities, each position will function as a member of a small team responsible for the success of the project. Both positions are part-time and offer flexible scheduling although attendance at certain meetings and special events is required.

These jobs are grant funded through December 2024.

Pay range: $30 – $40/hour.


Download job descriptions and instructions to apply below.